What Are The Best Impact Resistant Windows And Doors?

Other than price, the next most popular question that most consumers have when shopping around for impact windows is what is the best type of impact resistant windows? This is a great and valid question, with so many different types of hurricane windows and doors that are available on the market, consumers need to know which one would be the best for their particular needs. Especially if you live near to the coastline, you need to take the necessary precautions to protect your home from tropical storms and flying debris and you can do this by installing hurricane proof windows or doors.

While experts at the national hurricane center do their best to advise us on the possible damage that could be caused, by categorizing hurricanes, no one really knows how much damage will be caused as a result of a tropical storm with all the wind-borne debris, rain and strong wind gusts. However, these experts provide us with enough information to help us make the necessary preparations, such as updating our existing homes or condominiums to help minimize or avoid the typical types of damage that usually occur during bad storms.

When you start shopping around for doors and windows, you will quickly realize that it is a daunting task. First, you need to decide if it’s going to be for your commercial building or residential home, then the next step is to decide on a specific type of impact resistant materials and then figure out the cost for your project.


Researchers have created different certification programs and test that storm windows and doors need to undergo to be certified as hurricane proof, which include low impact and high impact missile tests. The tests are used to identify how durable and how strong these doors or windows will stand up to airborne debris, such as tree branches and stones. To be approved for the Florida building code, both door products and window products need to pass these tests and get certified. Miami-Dade certified impact products are considered to be the best in the United States.

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