Want To Lower Your Insurance? Get Hurricane Windows & Doors

Insurance is one of those things that we hate to pay, but we do anyway, because we know it is necessary if we want to protect ourselves and our assets. And while in some cases it may take a while, we know that at some point or another we will be glad that we actually do have insurance coverage. Consumers today are always trying to see how they can cut down on their monthly expenses, so this is why they will shop around from insurance company to company to find the cheapest homeowners policy. Many homeowners don’t know this, but if they decide to get impact windows, then they can get a discount on their premiums due to the fact that impact resistant windows will add an extra layer of safety to your home.

Storm Proof Windows vs. Shutters

If you were to look around you, you would notice that most homeowners actually use shutters instead of having hurricane windows. What some are not aware of are the disadvantages that come along with choosing shutters. Even if you have the most advanced hurricane shutter system on your home, it can’t protect you if you have older windows that could be blown out by the negative wind pressure. This could lead to several forms of damage to your home such water and structural damage. Another big problem with hurricane shutters is that they are not airtight so they are susceptible to erosion and corrosion over time.

Storm tight windows on the other hand, are designed to stand up to adverse weather conditions and the frames and other components are made of stainless steel, aluminum or other types of weather resistant materials. When the window and door manufacturers decided to design and build impact windows, they knew they would have to make them better than shutters, so they looked at all the disadvantages of shutters and then they made sure that hurricane windows had the advantage.

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