Should You Get Hurricane Shutters Or Impact Windows?

Hurricane shutters are probably the most popular type of hurricane protection on the market today, as they are a better option than plywood and while they have some, but not all the benefits of impact windows, they are not as expensive. If you are looking for hurricane protection for windows or doors and you want to use storm shutters, then you won’t have any problems trying to find a contractor or company that sells and installs hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas such as:

  • Palm Beach Gardens
  • North Palm Beach
  • Palm Springs
  • Palm Beach
  • Royal Palm Beach
  • Rivera Beach
  • Wellington
  • Greenacres
  • Lake Worth
  • Boca

Now you should know that all hurricane shutters are not the same and you need to buy the shutter system that best fits your particular needs and don’t forget, just like hurricane windows, shutters also need to be installed correctly for them to offer the best hurricane protection.

Important facts about hurricane shutters

  • Storm shutters will provide you with 2 different kinds of window protection:

o   Pressure from high winds

o   Damage from flying debris

  • The best hurricane shutters are the ones that are designed to meet the Dade County Florida Standard. This is the most strict guidelines for South Florida impact windows, doors and shutters.
  • Make sure that your shutter panels are installed on the structural frame of your home for both door and window frames.
  • You also should use weather and corrosion resistant screws, metal fittings and embedded anchors.
  • The most affordable storm protection device is plywood storm shutters, while they are not as effective as say accordion shutters or storm tight windows, they do offer some storm protection and it is definitely better than having no window protection. The disadvantages to using plywood as your shutter system, is that they take a lot of time and effort to install, remove and store. They can also be dangerous, because they are heavy and if you need to install them on the second floor of your home, it will be very hard to do, as you need 2 people, as well as ladders to mount them.
  • If you have an attached garage on your home, you should ask your storm shutter dealer about possibly retrofitting your garage doors to stand up to hurricane force winds. This is important, because if air is allowed in through your garage, this can change the pressure in your home, which could possibly blow off the roof of your house.

Impact Windows West Palm Beach or Shutters?  The choice is yours, choose the one that best fit your budget.