Here Are 5 Reasons To Get Impact Windows Instead Of Shutters

You can install storm shutters overs your standard residential windows for hurricane protection, but you may still want to consider impact resistant windows, because your existing windows are outdated, especially if you have an older house, then you may find that your existing windows are more of a nuisance than anything else, because they don’t open and close easily and you can’t latch them.

If you install hurricane windows, then you really don’t need hurricane shutters, because these storm tight windows can stand up to flying debris the same way or better than storm panels. The Florida building code now requires any new construction home or building to have hurricane proof windows to meet the design pressure requirements.

So if you have old windows that are covered by shutters, then you run the risk of your windows not being able to withstand the negative pressure of hurricane force windows that could actually remove the windows from their openings. Which will just cause a whole slew of problems with water damage and other damages to your property. You won’t hear that from your shutter dealer.

Most homeowners don’t realize that if you need replacement windows now and they choose to get non-impact windows and install hurricane shutters over them, they would actually be spending more money, than if they just bought and installed storm proof windows.

One of the things that many homeowners like about storm resistant windows is they only require installation one time, so unlike some types of shutters that require installation and removal every time a hurricane comes and goes. A big disadvantage with shutters is that they leave you in the dark, so you never know what’s going on outside, once you install them and you can expect for your energy bill to go up during this time as you will be using all the lights in your house.