Have Aluminum Storm Windows? Here’s How To Maintain Them

Aluminum windows are a popular type of impact window that many homeowners have in South Florida, especially for houses that are closer to the beach areas. These are actually very good impact resistant windows as they are very durable, but they do require some maintenance if you want them to last you a long time and to continue to look like new for years to come. If you do not maintain your aluminum hurricane windows, then they can corrode over time.

While South Florida is a beautiful place to live, there are some downsides, which are that it is a corrosive environment, which can be bad for your aluminum storm tight windows. Now if you just bought your windows and are doing a new installation, then here are some tips to prepare your windows to resist the salt in the air.

You should wash your windows by using water and soap and then make sure that you rinse it thoroughly to remove any residue or soap. Once the windows are clean and dry, then apply some car wax to the frame with a light coat. The reason we are recommending car wax is that it helps to eliminate or reduce the amount of salt deposits that can damage or corrode your aluminum frames.

Now if you already have your windows installed, here are some tips to clean them and maintain them going forward.

Purchase a mineral spirit, you are going to use this to clean and remove any dirt and salt deposits that may be present on your frames already. Once you complete that step, now use water and soap to wash your windows off and then rinse thoroughly. Once the frame is dry and clean, you can now apply a thin coat of car wax, you will want to apply the wax to your frame about once per year. And you should rinse your windows off every few months, especially if you live near to the coast to help remove and minimize the amount of salt deposits on your frames.