Ever Wondered How Windows Are Tested For Impact Resistance?

The way storm windows have been tested over the years for impact resistance, have come a long way. As you know in South Florida, there is a regular threat of Hurricanes and taking the right steps to invest in hurricane protection for your family, business and your home can save you money over time, bring safety and peace of mind. Impact resistant windows and doors are designed to stand up to tropical storm damage, by using impact glass and a sturdy heavy duty frame.

These are some of the features that differentiate standard windows from storm proof windows. Traditional windows are not as effective, less durable, and are cheaply made. Design pressure is how manufacturers rate the strength of their windows and this is calculated based on the location of the window. When we say location, we are referring to both the location of the commercial building or house in regards to the proximity to the coast and being in an area that gets frequent hurricanes.

How are these windows tested?

There are different types of industry testing. One way is by shooting a small missile or a piece of board at high speeds into the glass to simulate how the windows would react if it was struck by flying debris during a storm. Nowadays, in addition to the projectile testing, they now test against high wind speeds. The reason they couldn’t do it in the past is that they would normally have to wait for an actual hurricane to do the testing.

While wind-borne debris is a dangerous during storms, it is not the only thing to be concerned about, because water and wind can do some damage as well. Florida International University has created what they call the Wall Of Wind that is able to replicate the wind speeds of different category hurricanes and so far it seems to be very promising.

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