Don’t Live By The Coast? You Still Need Hurricane Windows

As weather patterns continue to change, then we will also see an increase in the amount of hurricanes in accordance with the National Weather Service.   According to their report, not only are hurricanes going to develop more frequently, but they are starting to notice that these storms are travelling further inland and along with the high winds and water, these systems are also creating tornadoes.  This is just more evidence of why it is important for you to take the necessary steps to start protecting your family, business or home.  In addition to stocking up on food and medical supplies, you need to make sure your family is safe and a great way of doing that is by installing impact windows.

Windows and sliding glass doors are more likely to be struck by flying debris

You need to take the necessary precautions and protect your sliding glass doors and windows from hurricane force winds and the debris that is driven by these high winds.  This is why hurricane windows are built with impact glass so they do not break and enter your home, which could put you and your family in danger.  It’s not uncommon for a tornado or hurricane to have winds that exceed one hundred and sixty miles per hour and the last thing you would want is some type of wind-borne debris travelling at those speeds to hit your windows or doors.

All the predictions from the National Hurricane Center for how far inland the following hurricanes would travel were wrong, they travelled further:

  • Isabel
  • Dennis
  • Katrina

And that is because in their defense you can only make your best guess about Mother Nature, all the above storms caused billions of dollars in damage and this damage reminds us of how important it is to be ready for hurricane season.  Despite that the authorities were off on some of their predictions, you still must listen to them for guidance, as it is better to be prepared and nothing happens to be NOT being prepared and disaster strikes
Storm tight windows and doors can give you peace of mind, as they are built to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris, which they are tested against and enforced by local building codes.